Thursday, April 26, 2007

I know the book City of Jinns was not written about Kolkata but it should have been. Mystical magical things appear down every narrow lane, behind brightly painted doors, near thin blowing curtains, and atop the worn plastic seat of an archaic rickshaw. Kolkata is filled with mystery. I am speechless on the place. It is the city of a 300,000 million stories, told before the backdrop of exotic and complicated beauty.

My friend Emma and I traveled the town yesterday to document the amazing things we live beside each day. We watched, talked, wrote and took photographs.

Here are some of the things we see each day.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

been a while

Once we returned to Kathmandu from our 3.5month long adventure in India I somehow thought the adventures would be over. Not that I wanted them to be, but in my mind, content in going back to a quiet reality, I pictured life to be mellow. But, as you all know, it's not and I wouldn't want it any other way.
We're learning and working, making friends and traveling all the time, and our loved ones are as supportive as ever. Our reality is as huge as our dreams. Now, if I could only get the flying machine to work like it does when I'm in the midst of some REM, I'd be all set. Oh, and as for the dream where all my teeth fall out, and I'm standing naked holding a tennis racket in a bus station, I'm perfectly happy not living that one out. Thank you.
Anyway, this is my little bridge to land of blogging again, as there are so many people I want keep connected with, and the first time around blogging was kind of fun :) we have lots more news and pictures to share!