Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Kathmandu Boudha the great Stupa

We finally made it to Kathmandu. Laura has started taking Nepali classes. You can see her here with her Nepali book.
We went out to visit Boudhanath the great white stupa on the edge of Kathmandu. It was a beautiful clear day and the mountains were out in full. This stupa is about 2000 years old but it was lost for many centuries until a Tibetan came in the late 19th century with the purpose of finding it and restoring it. Today it is the heart of the Tibetan community in exile in Kathmandu. There are many many monastaries here as well as Tibetan shops. -S
The stupa is a hot spot for spiritual vapors. I cried for about 45 minutes for exactly what I'm not sure. A little bit of ginger warmer always helps that, so we popped in a picturesqe garden cafe eatery and warmed in the sun. Language classes are going well although the things I want to say, like 'where's the nearest heater' I don't yet know. I've got class in about 15 minutes so I have to pick my teacher's brain for that one. I really like learning another language, back to school and I'm the student.
I must run, drink the fresh ginger orange carrot juice that Kanchi just made, and study my homework.
XOXOXO- laura

Ko Samed

After 3.5 hours in a bus playing excruciatingly bad Thai pop music we found our way onto a boat that took us to the island of Ko Samed. For a while I didn't think I'd make it but after imagining myself on the beach, banging my head on the seat in front of me, and practicing out of body meditation (I went to my happy place) I came through, and with only an hour or two of replaying the boyband music in my head.

The island was beautiful but had a totally weird scene. Lot's of gringos and their "rented Thai girlfriends". To aviod this stuff Sam and I walked around the entire island, sometimes in the sun in which my whitey skin would get scalded. Even though I kind of like that, I thought it better not to get Cancer so we bought at saraong which you can see in the amazing polka dotted crazy lady picture.

ta ta for now


Here is laura on the plane over to taipei from new york with her new book. 3 long flights in a row but we made it to Thailand and went to meet the reclining Buddha.
These are just a few of the pictures from Bankok. :)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Test photo

Trying to see if I can make this thing post photos. Here is a control photo of Laura and I just before we left the US.

In Kathmandu

We made it to Kathmandu and we are now setting up our blog. Stay tuned for more fun and excitement.